In The Round

This purse is round and done in 11º seed beads. The bit where the brown suede leather drawstring is threaded though, was part of the weft when I was working it on the loom. No warp threads were put in this section. It is composed of an 8º seed bead (which is larger than 11º), a bugle bead, 8º seed bead, bugle bead, and lastly an 8º seed bead, then the last bit of 11º seed beads to finish the top.

The bottom is suede leather also. The handle is upholstery cording with beads matching the purse design added, by hand, to the center. “It was a fun one to finish off at the bottom,” she said jokingly. “But we got ‘er done.”

I still have this purse and even use it on occasion, or did when we went out in public. Someday we will again.

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