Dragon’s Hoard

This purse was made for a contest hosted by Caravan Beads, Inc. and called ‘Myths & Folktales’ in 1999 or 2000. It won a judge’s choice award. So, yeah me! There were definitely others who did a better job than me.

I decided to make a purse with a dragon, keeping in my theme of purses, and the contest theme of folklore. I also wanted to do something different by doing bead embroidery. I did this for two reasons, the first, I wanted to give bead embroidery a chance, the second, to give the design movement, which embroidery allows.

I have to say that I found the tedium of beading by embroidery to be too excruciating to ever want to do it again (at least not on such a large piece), although, I do appreciate the more versatile nature of the process that allows you to be able to apply the beads to the fabric in more creative ways. When using a loom the process is pretty straight forward.

With the prize money awarded me, I was able to purchase a larger sized Mirrix loom. Although, I haven’t found a project to use on it in the last 20 years since purchased.

All the pieces from the contest went to Portland Oregon for the big bead show, a show which I was able to see. All in all I had fun, and more importantly I still use this purse on occasion.

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