18 Years In The Making

This is my COVID-19 purse.

I started this project in about 2002, and when I was 2/3rds done I had a great job opportunity I couldn’t resist applying for. I have been at it ever since. Last summer when COVID-19 was in full mode around the world, I was furloughed for 4 months. In my case, thankfully, the money wasn’t a problem. We did okay. And it was also a bit of a blessing because we had just gotten our new puppy in March, plus I had all these project I had been wanting to do for so long, that I just hadn’t had the time for while I have been back working these past 18 years.

This was one of my projects, finish this purse that I started so long ago. Done!

So, the details. 15º seed beads on a mirrix loom. It is about 8″ tall and 6″ wide with a depth of 3″. The cording for the handle is hand-made kumihimi, done in mix of silk and polyester threads.

The handle cording ended up being too taut, so I will probably make another one with less weight on the cording. At least now I know that I don’t like the finished product with the heavier weight.

The design is from a Japanese print on postcards, I played with it and changed the colors a bit. This was the first time I had worked with 15º seed beads. I like the size. My current project, and several others after, have been designed in this same size.

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