by Jen Bumann

Where I show off my beadwork of mostly loomed purses, but other bits and baubles too. It all started sometime in the '90s when I was perusing the shelves of our local bookstore and saw a book called "Antique Combs and Purses," by Evelyn Haertig. I found it fascinating. Reading that book led to her... Continue Reading →

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Presents, An Excuse To Bead!

Lacey Bracelet Just thought I would post this fun bracelet I made from a pattern. It is a lace pattern and looks complicated, but I found it quite easy to do. I changed the way the clasp was attached to the piece, because if the size needed adjusting, have jump rings attached to it, and... Continue Reading →

Spring Is Here!

I am very excited about this recently completed project for several reasons. I said I would never, ever do this again. (Boy, am I a liar!)It was way less tedious than I thought it would be.It didn't take nearly as long as I expected it too.I really, really, really enjoyed the process. (I know, I... Continue Reading →

Just A Little Squared

A delica delight in metallics. This purse has just enough room for a phone, cash, and keys. The flap is stepped and fringed. It closes with an invisible zipper, and the strap is braided yarns of different textures, with a few beaded enhancements. I don't usually put much in the way of fringe on my... Continue Reading →

With Bells On

I have always called this my jester purse. It has a bit of the feel of the old court jesters with bells on their hats. I think that was a medieval thing. Anyway this is a purse i made years ago using a style from one of my Japanese beading books. I really liked the... Continue Reading →

Heirloom Ring

I was watching a youtube video recently of a ring pattern that looked interesting, but I really didn't have any of the larger beads the person was using for their piece. So I rooted around my inventory and ran across some very pretty pressed glass beads. The cool thing about these beads is that they... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Blues

Recently I purchased some tila beads from one of my suppliers in a fantastic cobalt blue color with bits of green (they were on sale). I wanted to see how big they were and how usable in a purse design. (They are the tile-like beads in the images below.) In order to use them I... Continue Reading →

Ringing in the New Year!

While binging on Time Team videos at YouTube (I freakin' love Time Team), and occasionally taking in a few beading tutorials, and food in history videos, I found a great way to use up my size 11º seed beads that are sitting around waiting for something to do. And, bonus, add a little bling to... Continue Reading →

Dragon Again

Here it is! This is what I promised in my pumpkin box post. What can I say, if I find a great dragon design I go for it. In this case, I have to say that I will never torture myself with this one again. This is a pattern I found on Etsy, and couldn't... Continue Reading →

Little Flowers

Here is another one of my early pieces. Flowers done in non-traditional colors and randomly placed. The top bit was finished off with netting. Up close view. These are 11º Czech seed beads done on a loom. This was also another hand drawn design. The handle is furniture cording, whose ends were connected with a... Continue Reading →

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