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by Jen Bumann

Where I show off my beadwork of mostly loomed purses, but other bits and baubles too. It all started sometime in the '90s when I was perusing the shelves of our local bookstore and saw a book called "Antique Combs and Purses," by Evelyn Haertig. I found it fascinating. Reading that book led to her... Continue Reading →

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A Statement Piece for Mom

My Mum is turning 80 this January. Sadly, her twilight years are being f*cked over by dementia/alzheimers. She will not get to enjoy her later years as she had intended, playing in her studio weaving, and knitting, and spinning. I decided to make her a statement necklace to celebrate her 80 years on this earth,... Continue Reading →

Too Much?

Color. Personally, I can't get enough of it. Not for me the boring black. Unless I want to enhance it with color! Here is a lovely bright necklace I made a few months ago. Another Etsy pattern. What else. The colors on this particular piece are reminiscent of peacock feathers. They are my own, the... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Bee-zy

I confess that I have become a bit obsessed with bead embroidery lately, partly because getting interesting shapes on a loom for my purses it a bit limiting, and the final project is a bit...flat. The textures of bead embroidery are more interesting to me. I have loved embroidery since I was very young, and... Continue Reading →

A little fun for the holidays

These need no introduction, just cute delica bead, brick stitch, holiday fun. They took me about an hour to make and I wore them to the office holiday party the next day (not my design, but they are adorable, amirite?). My only nod to the season this year. Sadly, no one noticed my efforts. And... Continue Reading →

Whetting My Egyptian Appetite

See what I mean about all the jewelry! I can't seem to help myself. This necklace was made from a kit I purchased because I really loved the nod to Egyptian design. I have to admit to a fascination with Egyptian and Roman history. That's also why I am going to Italy next year!! I... Continue Reading →

A Summer Boho Look

This piece is based on a design I saw on Beautiful Nights YouTube channel. I was trying to use up these turtle and starfish beads from a subscription box so when I saw the video while perusing the site, I thought this style would work out well for the beads I had in mind. I... Continue Reading →

Gothic Style Necklace?

This is a piece made from a kit from Potomac Beads. Their October box, of course. Because October is all about Halloween. I added the skull beads from the box to this necklace, because, what is a gothic style Halloween necklace without skulls? Not a gothic style Halloween necklace, that's for sure. The pattern calls... Continue Reading →

More Finger Dressing

How's this for blinging it on. I have been having way too much fun making rings. The bee, brown/cream square piece and the blue pinky ring are all my own design. The bee is actually a button that I used it as a base, I have to admit it is one of my favorites. Some... Continue Reading →

It’s Halloween Time Again!

My favorite time of year! Bar none. And, it so happens it is also my birthday. My 60th birthday this year. To celebrate, I made this totally fun bat necklace I found on Etsy. I can't wait to wear it to work this week. The design is made with twisted Ndebele for the 'cord', and... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Of Blue Waters

I was motivated to use some beads from one of my bead subscriptions again. The theme of a couple of them this month was 'ocean' and 'beachy', (suprise). To be honest the colors and theme didn't really inspire me, they were more of a meh. So, I challenged myself to use a item from the... Continue Reading →

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