by Jen Bumann

Where I show off my beadwork of mostly loomed purses, but other bits and baubles too. It all started sometime in the '90s when I was perusing the shelves of our local bookstore and saw a book called "Antique Combs and Purses," by Evelyn Haertig. I found it fascinating. Reading that book led to her... Continue Reading →

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A Handful

This purse is a fun little clutch that was done in large square beads. The design is from WALCO bead crafts booklet No. 21. The original was suppose to have been done in wooden beads, as seen in the title "Wood Bead Craft". The booklet, that my mother found and gave me, shows you all... Continue Reading →

Small Side Kick

This is a small purse big enough for money, lipstick and other small bits and bobs. The beads are size 11º seed beads. The piece was done in one long flat panel. The sides are fabric, and lining, in gold. Upholstery cording was used for a handle. Two different golds and pink are the colors... Continue Reading →

In The Round

This purse is round and done in 11º seed beads. The bit where the brown suede leather drawstring is threaded though, was part of the weft when I was working it on the loom. No warp threads were put in this section. It is composed of an 8º seed bead (which is larger than 11º),... Continue Reading →

Casual Accoutrements

This purse was designed to be worn with jeans, very casual. I was still finding my way with designing projects, and having to do all of my designs by hand, on graph paper, with colored pencils. (I am so glad I don't have to do that anymore!) The beads are 11º seed beads, probably Czech,... Continue Reading →

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